After Laboring All Year, Ella Paradis is Easing Stress with a Massive Labor Day Sale | PR Newswire

September, 2, 2020

Ella Paradis, leading Wellness eCommerce brand and ranked on this year's Inc Magazine's Inc 500 List, announced today they will begin their semi-annual, Labor Day sale with massive savings of up to 60% off. Ella Paradis strives to empower women and men to democratize pleasure and with the historic headlines 2020 has made, they realize the need for accessible pleasure amidst hard financial times for all Americans.

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Study finds that 65 percent of people want to try new things in their sex lives since quarantine | Woman&Home

August 30, 2020

A new study by American sex toy company Ella Paradis has found that one in three people are considering a more adventurous sex life in the wake of lockdown. The study, conducted on 1,370 American adults between the ages of 18 and 54, also found that almost all of those surveyed (97 per cent) thought that sexual health and pleasure is crucial to overall wellness. (And we’re all about health)

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Is Wearing a Mask During Sex Really Safer During a Pandemic? Here’s What a Doctor Thinks | Well + Good

August 27, 2020

Masked sex is hot topic since the New York City Department of Health released its Safer Sex and COVID-19 guidelines. Among many non-vanilla ideas to practice responsible relations is wearing a mask during sex to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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Wellness Month: New Survey Finds 97% of Respondents Believe a Healthy Sex Life Is Crucial for Overall Wellness | PR Newswire

August 27, 2020

Did you know 1 in 3 Americans say their masturbation habits have changed since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and only 10% of Americans have met someone new? A new study released by Ella Paradis, trusted source for adult products, for Wellness Month tackles how Americans' wellness and intimacy has been affected by the pandemic.

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Everything These Sex Tarot Cards Told Me About My Love Life | SheKnows

August 25, 2020

I’ve written before about how reading tarot is one of my favorite ways to practice self-care — it’s a good, quiet way to do some me-to-me therapy (or intimate one-on-one processing with someone you give a reading to) and it lets you cut through to the universal challenges, obstacles and desires we all have at any given time. So spotting a deck of sex tarot cards over at Ella Paradis hit right at the intersection of sex and the occult to get this sex editor-who-dabbles-in-witchcraft’s attention. After all, what could be better or more exciting than injecting a bit more magic into your sex life?

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Cream of the Crop: As Quarantine Continues, Retailers Can’t Keep These 9 Sex Toys in Stock | RollingStone

August 23, 2020

Adult toys retailers have reported sales spikes of more than 600% on certain products since lockdown orders resulting from the coronavirus pandemic were first put in place in March. Aside from the lack of human interaction (to say nothing of human touch), retailers believe the time alone at home has encouraged people to be more experimental when it comes to their sexual proclivities.

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Ella Paradis Debuts on the 2020 Inc. 5000 List at No. 440, Boasting Three-Year Revenue Growth of 183% | PR Newswire

August 12, 2020

Inc. Magazine revealed Ella Paradis, premiere sexual health & wellness retailer, ranks No. 440 on its annual Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation's fastest-growing private companies, including Intuit, Zappos, Under Armour, Microsoft, and Patagonia. The fact Ella Paradis secured a spot in not only the top 5000, but also the top 500 their first year being featured, makes this news even more illustrious.

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The vibrators worth buying in 2020: Magic Wand, Satisfyer and more compared | CNET

July 13, 2020

From bullets to air suction, these are the top-selling, highest-rated vibrators out there.

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Relationship Expert Tino Dietrich - Dating In A Pandemic | Our Quad Cities

July 10, 2020

As restrictions ease, how should singles be approaching courtship? We spoke with relationship and self-care expert Tino Dietrich via Zoom about the ways dating may change after COVID-19.

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SEX FILES: Would you wear a mask to make love during tough pandemic times? | Clinton News Record

July 6, 2020

As COVID-19 cases surge following reopening in many areas, what is sex going to look like this summer? Are full body condoms really that absurd?

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The Most Useful Buys Of 2020 So Far — According To YOU | Refinery29

July 6, 2020

While living through a most unusual year, we wanted to cast a wider net outside of our usual monthly top-bought product roundups.

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83 Percent of People Wouldn't Do This in Bed to Prevent Coronavirus | Best Life

June 30, 2020


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Ella Paradis Asks: Will You Wear a Mask Post Pandemic? | PR Newswire

June 29, 2020

New Study Finds Only 6% of Americans Believe People Should Wear a Mask During Intercourse

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How the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting relationships and online dating | NTV ABC

June 16, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on nearly all aspects of life, including relationships and dating.

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7 Ways For Couples to Chat, Date and Get Intimate Even If They’re Quarantining Apart | RollingStone

June 9, 2020

It may not be ideal, but a little creativity could go a long way

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Dating expert: Four ways dating will change after pandemic is over | FOX17 West Michigan

June 7, 2020

Among the multiple aspects of lives impacted by Coronavirus these past few months, the dating process might be shifting for the better.

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Maintaining intimacy while social distancing | WTVR Virginia

May 12, 2020

Don't let social distancing put the fire out of your relationship! Relationship expert and CEO of Ella Paradis, Tino Dietrich, shares tips for maintaining and increasing intimacy in your relationship while social distancing.

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Jump someone’s bones, safely | Chicago Reader

May 5, 2020

What are the rules when it comes to being intimate during quarantine? Ella Paradis CEO, Tino Dietrich, dishes out the do's and don'ts of quarantine pleasure.

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The Sex Toy Industry Is Here To Offer You Thousands Of Free Vibrators & Sales Galore | Refinery29

April 28, 2020

Well, in addition to a rising trend in coronavirus porn (yep, it’s a thing), some of our favorite sex toy shops are making these trying times more bearable with sales and free shipping offers so that you can climax your way to a slightly less stressed state of mind. From majorly marked-down toys, to thousands of free vibrators on offer, to 20% off one of the most highly-rated remote-controlled vibes, here are the best sex toy sales to shop from the comfort of your bedroom.

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This Best-Selling Vibrator Has 11 Suction Settings (and It’s 28% Off Right Now) | InStyle

April 3, 2020

Thankfully, sex tech company Satisfyer Pro has a solution for those of us looking to find some peaceful pleasure in the true chaos of the world. Enter: the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation built with an extra-silent “whisper” mode that’s earned it a near-perfect 5-star rating from reviewers.

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The 29 Items That Helped Us Make It Through March | Refinery29

March 31, 2020

We're bridging the social distance with a virtual gathering inside March's most wanted shopping cart — filled with the items we all found some comfort in over the past 30 days.

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We Asked 8 Sex Toy Retailers What Was Selling Out Fastest For “Research” | Refinery29

March 30, 2020

we asked some of the top sex toy brands and retailers to share their bestselling vibes, plugs, and more. From the tried-and-true favorites that will always be top of the charts — i.e. the Womanizer and the Rabbit — to more experimental options, here are 2020's current bestsellers worth paying up to full price for.

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Stuck Inside? Ella Paradis is Giving Away 1,000 Free Vibrators for Those on Lockdown | Yahoo! Finance

March 17, 2020

To launch their new vibrator, Ella Paradis is giving it away free to use during lockdown - just pay shipping & handling.

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This Sex Toy Company Is Offering Up Free Vibrators To Keep You Stimulated | Refinery29

March 17, 2020

Well, in addition to a rising trend in coronavirus porn (yep, it’s a thing), some of our favourite sex toy shops are making these trying times more bearable with sales and free shipping offers so that you can climax your way to a slightly less stressed state of mind. From free vibrators (!) to 40% off one of the most highly-rated remote-controlled vibes, here are the best sex toy sales to shop from the comfort of your bedroom.

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Meet The New Affordable Sex Toy Brand That You Need To Know | Refinery29

July 9, 2019

As the name alludes to, Better Love is a new brand of premium, yet accessibly-priced sex toys made to bring — you guessed it — a more robust, hotter love life to the masses. Available exclusively on retailer Ella Paradis, the debut lineup include 26 products ranging from bullet, vibrators, dildos, anal plugs, and personal massagers all designed with a sleek, simple aesthetic in mind. (According to the brand, more items are in the works to be launched later this year.)

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Ella Paradis Invites Everyone to Celebrate Their Sexual Independence with Launch of "Better Love" Brand of Quality Intimate Lifestyle Products | PR Newswire

July 5, 2019

Better Love Breaks Taboos, Making Sexual Health and Happiness Accessible and Affordable

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Ella Paradis CEO Tino Dietrich Honored as Top Tech Visionary at InterCon Las Vegas | PR Newswire

July 2, 2019

Digital Innovation Sets Unique Online Boutique Apart from Competitors in the Adult and Sexual Wellness Sector

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